A candidate came to my office today and complained about his skyrocketing campaign expenses for this upcoming Barangay Elections.

I nearly fell from my seat when he disclosed that he has spent 120,000 pesos already (roughly 3,000 US dollars) for election related expenses.  This figure even  includes day-to-day merienda for his campaign staff, drinking sprees for tambay (bystanders) and unavoidable  dole-outs to voting constituents who are taking advantage of the election fever to earn a few bucks.

I have to remind him that the maximum allowable budget for each voter this Barangay Election is only P 3.00 per voter.

The pertinent regulation is COMELEC Resolution 9043.  Section 17 of the same provides:

SEC. 17. Limitation upon expenses of candidates. – No candidate shall spend for his election campaign an aggregate amount exceeding Three Pesos (P3.00) for every registered voter in the barangay where he seeks to be elected.